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Legal Consultant


H & A legal consultant is Prof. Dr. Philipus M. Hadjon, SH, who is well known for his expertise of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law in Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. Philipus M. Hadjon, S.H. publications / eruditions are as following:

  1. The Legal Protections for People in Indonesia, a study of its principles, it’s handling by the courts in the general courts and the establishment of Administration Courts. (Dissertation, 1985);
  2. Basic Knowledge of Government Acts (1985);
  3. Supreme Institutions and Higher Institutions of State under the 1945 Constitution (Bina Ilmu, 1987).
  4. Government According to the Law (wet-en bestuur Rectmatig) - Yuridika, 1993
  5. The General Principles of the Good Governance (Association Papers AUPB - The author, Dr. Paul Effendie Lotulung, SH - 1994)
  6. Introduction to the License Law, (editors - Yuridika, 1993)
  7. Normative Functions of Administrative Law in establishing Good Governance (Professor of Speech, 1994)
  8. Introduction to the Indonesia Administrative Law, ed. (GAMA Press – ed. I, 1993 – ed. X, 2008) (GAMA Press - ed. I, 1993 - ed. X, 2008)
  9. Legal argumentation, (GAMA Press - ed. I, July 2005, ed. II - Nov 2005)
  10. Etc


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